Summertime Makeover

Posted by Daniel on Aug 2, 2010 - 4 comments

It is summertime and as a general rule one gets less done, what with holidays and lounging around the yard (if you are lucky enough to have one).

For example, I spent a few days last week babysitting a marine park, not a job you find on everyone's resume. The park in question is on South Pender Island at Bedwell Harbour and is part of the Gulf Islands National Park. Members of a Sydney yacht club volunteer to take turns acting as park hosts, supplying information to the boats that come visiting. It is an admirable program and I assume one that is replicated by other clubs at other parks around the Gulf Islands.

While I sit in the sun and do a bit of hiking, my pals over at the online Encyclopedia of British Columbia (here) are busy redesigning the website to offer a wide range of new features and a new look to the old ones. Take a look to see what they are up to, and remember to call back in mid-September when the new site will be launched.