Naming the Coast Mountains

Posted by Daniel on Nov 10, 2010 - 3 comments









Last night I attended a lecture by Rudy Reimer at the Community History Centre in North Vancouver. Reimer, a member of the Squamish First Nation, teaches archaeology at SFU and he spoke to a full house about the relationship between the Squamish people and the coastal mountains that make up such a large part of their territory (which includes Howe Sound, in the photo above by John Lund).

Prof. Reimer used the subject of indigenous place names as a way of talking about the many uses Squamish people have made of the mountain environment.

It reminded me that the North Shore Museum and Archives have an excellent website on the history of mountaineering in BC. It can be found here.

Yesterday's lecture was the last of a series on placenames of the coast that the Museum sponsored this fall.