Posted by Daniel on Apr 28, 2010

Broadcaster and historian Chuck Davis writes:

Red Robinson (pictured here), who needs no introduction to radio listeners in western Canada, now and again arranges a gathering of radio old-timers (and some new-timers) to have lunch, schmooze and pass along news. It’s been a while since the last gathering—two years in fact—and one of the sad duties of the latest luncheon, held April 20th in the White Spot at Georgia and Cardero, was to pass along the names of people in the fraternity who had died in the interim.

Of the thirty or so names that Red, fellow organizer Gordon Lansdell and Julie Brown and Arran Henn read out, I realized to my amazement, and dismay, that I personally knew twenty-three of them. Some I knew had died, other names were unexpected. Radio is an ephemeral medium, and the names of these people may eventually fade into undeserved oblivion. Let’s give them a tip of the KnowBC hat for their contributions to BC’s world of entertainment.

The names: Horst Koehler, Ed Murphy, Dave Roegele, George Finstad, Stan Buchanan, Mike Halloran, Ernie Rose, Jürgen Hesse, Vic Waters, Jim Kearney, J.J. McColl, Bernice Gerard, Ray Perrault, Doug Parker, Dan McAfee, Harvey Lowe, Ted Reynolds, Al Jordan, Arnie Nelson, Harvey Dawes, Roy Jacques, Patti Mair, Bill Williams.


Not all these folks were heard on the radio, and some were more TV-centered, but they were all well-known in the broadcasting world.

You can read more about them on Gord Lansdell’s exhaustively detailed site here.