Channelling Phil Gaglardi

Posted by Daniel on Apr 30, 2009

Now that John van Dongen has lost his driving licence and resigned from the cabinet in disgrace and it is safe once again to venture out onto the province's highways, could I just say that I have not heard so much self-righteous codswallop from the press and opposition politicians in a very long time.

So Mr. van Dongen appears to have been a hypocrite, counselling safe driving by day while laying rubber by night. If hypocrisy was a resignable offence, we'd have no cabinet left at all.

On the issue of safe driving, what strikes me as seriously hypocritical is allowing car manufacturers to boast about how fast their vehicles can go, and then expecting young drivers to drive modestly when they get behind the wheel. Every night on television I see ads that encourage drivers to get out on the road and behave as if they were stock car racers. To my mind there is no difference between ads that encourage smoking and ads that encourage speeding. Both should be banned.

If speed really does kill, then the manufacturers and the advertisers are a lot more at fault than Mr. van Dongen.

Then again, I suppose it is comforting to live in a place where speeding tickets are the worst thing that the politicians get up to.