BC Content in Canada's History

Posted by Daniel on Jan 23, 2013

My copy of Canada's History magazine arrived in the mail yesterday. Along with features on Louis Riel and the history of bird's-eye-view photography, there are two articles on special interest to BC readers.

The first retells the story of the Doukhobor protests of the 1950s and 1960s, when the Sons of Freedom, a radical Doukhobor sect, set the province ablaze. (Alert: the article features full dorsal nudity!)

The second is a short piece about the Columbia River Treaty between Canada and the US, signed in 1964 and up for renewal in 2014. The treaty made the Columbia the most dammed river in North America and the biggest producer of hydro power (not to mention drowning several communities along the Arrow Lakes).

If you have any interest in Canadian history at all, a subscription to Canada's History, the magazine formerly known as The Beaver, is a must. (Website is here.)