China Clipper in New York

Posted by Daniel on Feb 20, 2013

When we published the Encyclopedia of BC in 2000 it included an entry on Larry Kwong, a native of Vernon who was the first player of Chinese descent to play in the NHL. It took the New York Times a little longer to get onto the story.

Kwong was called up to the New York Rangers in March 1948 and played one shift in a game against the Montreal Canadiens. The team never gave him a second chance so he quit New York and returned to Canada to play in Valleyfield, Quebec. The Valleyfield team, with Kwong as a member, won the Canadian senior championship in 1951.

Anyway, the Times has a feature article on Kwong in today's paper here. It is not often that one sees a British Columbian celebrated in the pages of the august daily.

The "China Clipper", as he was known, turns ninety this year.

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