And They're Off!

Posted by Daniel on Apr 16, 2013

The provincial election campaign officially began today (though really, when are politicians not campaigning?).

British Columbians will go to the polls to elect a new government on May 14. It is a bit of an unusual election in that both major parties, the Liberals and the New Democrats, have new leaders. Neither Premier Christy Clark nor NDP leader Adrian Dix have faced the electorate before, at least not as leader of their respective parties. And I suppose you could include Conservative leader John Cummins as a newcomer as well, though no one gives the Conservatives much of a chance of forming a government.

So, lots of fresh choices to be made.

As campaigning gets underway perhaps it is worth recalling the standings in the legislature at the moment. Of the 85 seats, the Liberals hold 45, the NDP 36 and there are four independents. According to the polls, which put the NDP ahead by 20 points, the election will bring great changes, but polls have been wrong before.

If you wish to check out who is running in your own riding, or in any riding, the online magazine The Tyee has the information here.