Acknowledgements and Mahsi


The author wishes to thank the Yellowknife Rotary Club, the Government of the Northwest Territories Student Services Department, the NWT Literacy Council, the Ontario Arts Council, Arctic College, the En’owkin Centre and the University of Victoria for their generous support.


The original music score behind “The Monkeys of India” was provided by Peter Lauterman. Mahsi cho! Mahsi to Keith Smith for his rendition of “Child in Flames.” Mahsi to Trevor Cameron and Ryan Klaschinsky for many odd and hilarious seeds. Mahsi to Lorne Simon for editing, inspiration and believing in me. I miss you. Mahsi to the Fields of the Nephilim for inspiring the novel’s title with their song “Celebrate” off their The Nephilim album.

Mahsi to Barbara Pulling, Carolyn Swayze, Roger Brunt, Dylan Vasas, Moira Jones and Alec Lyne for their hawk-eyed editing and comments. Mahsi also to Trevor Evans, Mike, Jon Liv Jaque, James “Alien Autopsy” Croizier, Garth Prosper, Ms. Kelly Kitchen, Ron Klassen, Jason, Sarah Hodgkins, Junior Mercredi, Denise Williams, Clinton, Louise and Mike Spencer; also to anyone who’s ever had anything to do with P.W.K. High School and Fort Smith, NWT. Mahsi to my brothers, Roger, Johnny and Jamie, for their inspiration and humour. Mahsi to my mom. Mahsi to my father. Mahsi also to each and every member of the Dogrib Nation of the Northwest Territories for their stories and power. Mahsi to the Creator for this my breath and eyes. Mahsi. Mahsi to the children of the world for their inspiration and innocence.

The writing here was inspired by the music and talent of The Cure, My Bloody Valentine, The Sisters of Mercy, Skinny Puppy, the T2 Soundtrack, The Smiths, The Ministry, The Cocteau Twins, Kate Bush, Slowdive, Nick Cave, Dead Can Dance, The Mission, Iron Maiden and Fields of the Nephilim. Mahsi cho!