Chapter One: The Big Men of the War: Premier McBride and General Currie





Chapter Two: Off to War: Training and Trenches

Stories of Camp Life from the Vernon News

Extra, Extra! Get Your Trench Journal!



Chapter Three: Ordinary Men, Extraordinary Courage: Our Victoria Cross Recipients





Chapter Four: BC's Naval Legacy: Improvising to Protect the West Coast

The Gift of Salmon




Chapter Five: Our Flying Aces: Daring Young Men

Sitka Spruce

Airborn with Sitka Spruce



Chapter Six: Journey to Vimy: Canada's Soldiers Come of Age

Lessons of Vimy

Victor Gordon Tupper, MC: His Biography and Letters



Chapter Seven: Two Horsemen, Two Solitudes: George McLean and Gordon Flowerdew

Walhachin: A Gentlemanly Occupation

Remembering Walhachin



Chapter Eight: First Nations Soldiers: So Many Served

Aboriginal Soldiers from the North Coast

A Piper Visits France



Chapter Nine: Canada's Nursing Sisters: Our Daughters on the Front Lines

A Letter Home




Chapter Ten: BC Women and the Great War: Breaking Barriers





Chapter Eleven: Tales the Cenotaphs Tell: Sacrifice, Remembrance and Commemoration

Remembrance at Fort Langley Cemetery

Charlie’s Tree: A Veteran’s Remembrance



Chapter Twelve: They Fought for Canada, But They Couldn’t Vote

The Chinese Labour Corps

More About Wee Tan Louie

Saving Vancouver’s Japanese Canadian War Memorial

Sergeant Major Masumi Mitsui, MM—Hero of the 10th Battalion

Chapter Thirteen: They Chose Not to Fight: Socialists, Pacifists and Deserters





Chapter Fourteen: BC’s Internment Camps: Behind the Barbed Wire

The Spy Scare—Truth or Fiction?

The Spy at Baron’s Manor



Chapter Fifteen: The War’s Lasting Legacy: Inspiring Arts, Culture and Sports

E.O. Wheeler, Mountaineer




Chapter Sixteen: Victory, but at What Cost?

A City Goes to War: Victoria’s War Story on the Web

Marking Sacrifice: Commonwealth War Graves Commission



Our Own: The Regiments





From Our Listeners