A Field Guide to Trees of the Pacific Northwest

by Phillipa Hudson

Tree identification in the Pacific Northwest is easy and fun with this companion to Phillipa Hudson's other nature guides – Coastal Flowers and Alpine Flowers of the Pacific Northwest. This laminated, waterproof guide to 26 different trees fits easily into a backpack or pocket and is great for both adults and kids. English and Latin names are provided as well as an illustration of each tree's silhouette, accompanied by crisp, full-colour photos of its distinguishing parts, including leaves or needles, flowers, cones, seeds or fruit. Information on the distribution range and colour-coded tree species groupings are helpful for quick identification. Additional facts are provided for each tree so that taking a walk in the Pacific Northwest becomes a fascinating learning experience as well as a breath of fresh air.

Scale-like leaves

What to look for

Features of leaves, needles, bark, cones, fruit and seeds that can help you identify trees.

Evergreen with individual needles

Sitka spruce, western yew, Pacific yew, Douglas-fir, grand fir, amabilis fir, Pacific silver fir, subalpine fir, western hemlock, mountain hemlock

Evergreen with needles in bundles

Shore pine, beach pine, western white pine

Evergreen with scale-like leaves

Yellow cedar, Alaska cedar, western red-cedar, Rocky Mountain juniper

Evergreen with broadleaf and peeling bark

Arbutus, Pacific madrone

Deciduous broadleaf with winged seeds

Bigleaf maple, Oregon maple, Douglas maple, Rocky Mountain maple, vine maple

Deciduous broadleaf with acorns

Garry oak, Oregon white oak

Deciduous broadleaf with fleshy fruit

Pacific crab apple, Oregon crabapple, bitter cherry, cascara, Pacific dogwood, western flowering dogwood

Deciduous broadleaf with catkins

Trembling aspen, quaking aspen, paper birch, black cottonwood, red alder


Thanks to Rick for sharing my journey through the magnificent forests of the Pacific Northwest on a quest to capture the perfect pictures for this publication. Thanks, too, to Virginia Skilton for...