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Potts the Unknown BC Poet

Posted by Howard, Jul 19, 2017
Paul Hugh Howard Potts, poet.

Paul Howard Potts (19 July 1911 – 26 August 1990), scion of a notable BC family, has been called “the people’s poet” and one of the most shamefully neglected poets of the 20th century. That is certainly true in BC, where he is unknown today.

A Canadian citizen born abroad in Datcet, Berskshire, UK, Potts was... Read this post

Fred Herzog: Photographer of a Past Era

Posted by Howard, Jun 23, 2017

Fred Herzog’s story is irresistible: skilled photographer with an unfashionable style labours in obscurity until his seventies, then is “discovered” and becomes a local and international celebrity. Born in Stuttgart on September 21, 1930, Herzog immigrated to Canada in 1953 and began documenting everyday life in Vancouver while holding a day job as a medical photographer.

Herzog’s subject was “the social fantastic of the street” popularized by Cartier-Bresson and the post-war... Read this post


Bruce Yorke: Champion of Tenants

Posted by Howard, Dec 15, 2015

Bruce Yorke was a prominent Vancouver social activist during the latter half of the 20th C and a long-time Vancouver city councillor. Born into a comfortable middle-class family in Vancouver on Dec 10, 1924, Yorke was an excellent student and athlete. At UBC he studied economics and played for the Thunderbirds basketball team. A member of the Communist Party of Canada, he long served on the Trade Union Research Bureau and helped found the left-wing Vancouver municipal party, The Committee of... Read this post

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