BC Links


British Columbia Archives, Victoria, is the central archives service for the government of BC. It offers public access to government and private documents, maps and charts, historical photographs and other images, audio and video tapes, books and periodicals, and much more.


British Columbia History internet/web site is compiled by David Mattison, an archivist with the BC Archives. It contains links to a wide variety of online resources of use to anyone seeking information about BC history and/or historians.


Special Collections and University Archives at the University of BC, Vancouver, holds university and private documents, historical photos and other images. This library also archives theses, organizes public exhibits of historical material, and offers "virtual displays" from its holdings.


Harbour Publishing Ltd., Madeira Park, publishers of the Encyclopedia of BC, have produced more than 200 books of non-fiction, fiction, poetry and children's stories on BC history and culture.


The Association of Book Publishers of BC is the professional association of BC book publishing companies of all sizes and working in many genres. This site offers an overview of the industry and contact information.


The BC Association of Magazine Publishers is the professional association of BC magazine publishers, from large consumer mags to e-zines. This site offers an overview of the industry and contact information.


Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) broadcasts from several locations in BC. This site contains news, schedules, info on upcoming and archived features, and selected audio interviews.


The Tyee is an alternative online source for news and views about British Columbia politics, arts and culture.


The official site of the Government of British Columbia offers access to all provincial government departments and agencies.